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MHA Learning Center

The Learning Center is an after school training program for housing authority resident youth. The concept of the center is to offer after school educational activities and homework help. In the past, the Tennessee Department of Education approved a Gateway Grant to assist in establishing and continuing the Learning Center. Funds provided by this grant paid the teacher's salary. The Authority provides the unit and utilities for the program. Civic clubs and local organizations provide donations of supplies, materials, cash, and other operating essentials. This is a serious education environment, not a day care function.

we offer a wide variety of programs and opportunities to resident youth, the Authority tries to create a foundation of basic knowledge and education for each child. We believe that the early attainment of basic competence is the greatest benefit we can provide to students in preparing them for a future of educational success.

Boys and Girls Club Satellite

As of June 2000, Maryville Housing Authority Parkside has become a Boys/Girls Club Satellite site. That means that local area youth, primarily residing at MHA, can come to the learning Center and Parkside Community Center to partake in the after school program, games, field trips, and other activities that would go on at the regular Boys and Girls Club of Blount County.
Our Parkside Community Center is equipped with cable big screen television and a kitchen to prepare snacks and the Blount County Kids Cafe. The MHA Learning Center is the learning facility which houses our computers, games, another television, kitchen area, three classrooms, and the staff offices.

T.N.T. (Teens Need Training)

Teens need Training is a flagship program of the Authority. The Maryville Housing Authority, Maryville City Schools, and the Maryville Police Department have combined their resources to offer a program for resident youth age 12-18 that gives them responsibilities of a job, provides an introduction to careers and teaches them personal skills they will need to know when they enter the job market. This program is supported by the generous involvement of more than 32 local businesses, industries, and support in a similar fashion. The community has come together to support this activity in previously unexperienced numbers. Donations of time, materials, and fiscal support have made this one of the most widely recognized and supported programs to benefit youth in this area.
The TNT program runs consecutively with the school year. The Housing Authority provides the class room area and utilities, four computers and a daily snack for the youth. Maryville City Schools provide a teacher, instructional materials and three computers, printers, and various software. The Maryville Police Department provides an officer to direct and coordinate the program and arrange for guest speakers, field trips and other special needs. By working together, more can be accomplished than if any one were operating independantly.

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