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A High Performing Housing Authority


The mission of the Maryville Housing Authority is to provide a quality living environment for the qualified families of this community that is affordable and safe while promoting opportunities for economic development and family self-sufficiency, without descrimination.

About Us:

The Maryville Housing Authority is a public housing function located in the city of Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. Although the 400 housing unts located on four sites were built and are owned by the Maryville Housing Authority, the housing function is financed by the federal government's Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Actual programs in place in Maryville go well beyond the scope of our original stated mission. The Maryville Housing Authority has been honored by HUD as a "High Performing Housing Authority."

Many of the residents of the Authority's units are on the border of poverty and only a small number of these people currently recieve government assistance in the form of welfare. The greatest advantage to living in subsidized housing is the lower cost of housing. Despite their modest income, many residents have aspirations of elevating their lifestyles and moving into the private sector. This goal is shared by most residents in the family units, and is consistent with the original concept of public housing: to be transitional housing for families during times of temporary distress.