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MHA Messenger

Volume 2 Issue 6

Page 7

Boys & Girls Club Summer Program Begins

operation. This will include updated phone numbers and emergency contact information. Parents are advised that youth will not be permitted to leave the site once they sign in for the day. If you have any questions concerning cost or activities, you can contact Katie at 983-4958 Extension 24.


The Boys & Girls Club will provide a lunch and snack through the USDA's  Summer Food Service Program for children.

TNT & America Reads celebrates

MHA's Teens Need Training and America Reads Programs completed their final sessions last month. TNT visited Maryville College twice during the last two weeks, which included swimming at their indoor pool, a tour of the college campus and an

Above/Left: TNT celebrates last day and spend time at Maryville College Below: America Reads Kids Kayla, Edye, and Gage at the Skatetown Pizza Party month

Helping Hands Center offers "Weed Eating" Service

As all residents should be aware, families are responsible for keeping weeds from growing around the edges of their flower beds and around the edges of their home. For a small fee of $3 the Helping Hands Center can provide a resident volunteer to "weed eat" around the perimeter of your units. This is a great new service for residents who do not have the right tools or do not want to bother with pulling weeds. All proceeds will go towards programs at the Helping Hands Center. This service is provided independently by resident volunteers and is not part of the housing authority's maintenance lawn care services.