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MHA Messenger

Volume 2 Issue 6

Page 3

HUD needs to HEAR from You--Resident Service Satisfaction Surveys will be mailed to housing authority residents in July


What is the Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey?
The Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey is sent to a sample of public housing residents at each Public Housing Agency (PHA) on a yearly basis to find out how satisfied they are with the living conditions at their development.  This survey is part of HUD's increased commitment to monitoring Public Housing Agencies.
HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) has a new way of measuring your housing agency's performance.  HUD has developed a new method to more accurately ensure the performance of Public Housing Agencies called the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). PHAS evaluates the physical condition, financial health, management operations, and resident services of Public Housing Agencies in the United States. The PHAS will measure overall resident satisfaction with living conditions using the Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey. Your household may be randomly selected to participate in this survey.
How is this survey different from other development surveys? 
For the first time your satisfaction and experience with your living conditions will be included in HUD's yearly evaluation of your housing agency.  This survey was developed with the help of PHAs, resident leaders, and representatives of the industry.
Who will receive this survey?
All Public Housing Residents throughout the nation will be included in the survey process. Not all residents will receive a survey. Residents will be chosen randomly using a computer program. The survey will take place yearly, so if you do not receive a survey this year you may in the future.
How will the survey results be used?
HUD will use the overall results of the survey to help determine how well your development is doing in five areas (maintenance and repair, services, communication, safety, and development appearance). The Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey equals 10 out of 100 points your housing agency may receive under the PHAS. Answers residents provide make up a possible 5 points, while marketing the survey and follow-up actions taken by PHA management could equal another 5 possible points.

MHA's Annual Plan available for public inspection

Maryville Housing Authority's Annual Plan is currently available for public view at the Parkside Office, 311 Atlantic Avenue.  The Resident Advisory Board will be meeting in July for a resolution approving the Annual Plan.  Residents are also encouraged to attend the "Coffee with the Director" times this month to provide input for the housing authority's programs and activities. For more information contact Deputy Director Nancy Dickenson at the Parkside Office.