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T.N.T.  (Teens Need Training)
     Teens Need Training is a flagship program of the Authority.  The Maryville Housing Authority, Maryville City Schools, and the Maryville Police Department have combined thier resources to offer a program for resident youth age 12-18 that gives them responsibilites of a job, provides an introduction to careers and teaches them personal skills they will need to know when they enter the job market.  This program is supported by the generous involvement of more than 32 local businesses, industries and groups.  Further, many individuals have come forward to offer their support in a similar fashion.  The community has come together to support this activity in previously unexperienced numbers.  Donations of time, materials, and fiscal support have made this one of the most widely recognized and supported programs to benefit youth in this area.  
     The TNT program runs consecutively with the school year.  The Housing Authority provides the class room area and utilities, four computers and a daily snack for the youth.  Maryville City Schools provide a teacher, instructional materials and three computers, printers and various software.  The Maryville Police Department provides an officer to direct and coordinate the program and arrange for guest speakers, field trips and other special needs.  By working together, more can be accomplished than if any one were operating independently.  
     The meets four days per week and students get paid for their time.  To apply for the program students must complete an application and an interview, just as if they were applying for a job.  Students are taught what an IRS W-4 form is and how to fill it out.  Each day, students must sign-in.  They are only paid for the days they participate.  A personnel file is kept on each student which includes copies of their report cards and notes on their progress.  School is always stressed with education being the first on their priority list.  
     TNT's daily programs vary, but it begins at 3:30pm.  The first three days of the week are devoted to instruction.  Using a modified Pathfinder format, the students receive pre-employment training, information that without this program, they would not have access to.  Further, this is instruction many of their parents may not be able to share with them.  Several of the students, even with their youthful age, have advanced past the educational or employment experience level of their parents.  The goal is to have the youth enter the job market with confidence that they can effectively complete against others for employment.  
     Weekly field trips are scheduled and so are weekly speakers representing various careers such as nursing, landscaping, teaching, engineering, secretary, construction and military service.  Students are encouraged to ask as many questions and find out as much as they can about careers that interest them.  For further information, Contact Us.