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Maxim Williams
Max Williams
Americorps Vista
Although Max is no longer with MHA we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with him. He was a graduate of Maryville College and named Maryville College's Most Outstanding Senior 2000, Max joined MHA as an Americorps Vista in June of said year.  Like Teresa, he is responsible for the implementation of programs and activities.  However, Max's goals deal mainly with youth and adolescent initiatives while Teresa primarily works with the adult and elderly residents.  Max created and is currently maintaining this website, facilitating another teen centered youth program started this past fall, screening families for the United Way Family Mentoring Program and coordinating other programs started for the youth.  Max has also  worked closely with Teresa on the upcoming events and activities this past fall and winter, as well as assisted her with some of her various projects.   He has also functioned as a translator for MHA's hispanic population under public housing and the section 8 program as well as converted documents from English into Spanish.  Among other various projects, Max was also responsible for MHA's first Talent Show and Exotic Bird Show , he is now in Southern California finishing up his graduate classes.