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Our Programs
The Maryville Housing Authority's local programs have been success stories, both individually and collectively.  Drug use, drug-related crime, vandalism, school absenteeism, and all the other trappings of a degenerating society have steadily left the Authority's properties.  We are convinced that in order to make a positive and lasting impact on the future of these resident families, we must reach out and help the youth.  If we can help them help themselves, everyone benefits.  Therefore, the Authority is continually working to improve the lifestyle of its residents by offering them an avenue to become self-sufficient.  The Authority has long recognized that enhanced employment opportunities are earned through education.  However, many families find it difficult, if not impossible to return to school.  The immediate need for income received from meager employment takes precedence over the promise of future job status enhancement.  Families are often faced with the choice of retaining a low paying job with its marginal income, or surrendering that stability to return to school.  To that end the Authority offers a variety of programs to benefit residents.  

The Authority with the help of staff and volunteers, has developed multiple programs which assist residents in becoming self-sufficient, developing self-respect, and terminating the cycle of poverty and dependency.  Each of these programs are listed and discussed in detail.  Just follow the links to the left.